Nightmare Theatre is a private back yard theater  All showings are free

                             We are located at 810 Caroll Street,Buffalo  New York 14210...E-mail us at

Hungry? We provide a grill ,Charcole,Lighter fluid,paper plates,Napkins,Forks,Ketchup,mustard...You bring the food

                                                             NOW SOWING  MAY 30, 2015

                                               THE MUNSTERS  (Episode 22 ) Follow That Munster

                                                                             FEATURE FILM

                                                              EVIL DEAD 2  DEAD BY DAWN

                                    A man rents a cabin in the woods  and finds evil in it

         STARING:   Bruce Campbell           Sara Berry        Dan Hicks

                                GATES OPEN AT 7:30 P.M.         Cartoons start at dusc   (8:30 P.M. )

                                              HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.........As Always ..The POPCORN is free